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Project One
Diary of a WAC, c. 1946


After my mother passed away, I was going through her papers and found her diary from 1946. This turned out to be fascinating for two reasons:

1 ) She was one of the first 150,000 women who signed up for the Women's Army Corps in 1945. While my mother's writing style is pithy and succinct in most places

"..Rained today. KP!"

Other days she gave some fascinating clues to who she was as a young woman, and the people and places she visited that year.

2) 1946 also details the year she met my father. From a forced and not too hopeful blind date in June:

".. Leigh – roommate next door insists that I go on a picnic with her – double date. Said not to expect too much – no glamour boys – English not too good. Gene – quiet – think he likes Leigh – afraid I didn’t make an impression....."

--- to her rather cool reaction to my father's marriage proposal less than six months later

"..Gene gave me a diamond ring which was most unexpected. He is sweet...."

I came to realize the practical choices she made at this critical point in her life. She failed that year to make it into Officer Candidate School, one of her great ambitions. Her friend Leigh did get in. Reading between the lines, the choice for a 33-year-old woman became clear when a handsome 25 year old Hispanic man stepped up to fill the void left by her dissapointment in herself in not making the cut for OCS.

Mom & Gene At Play

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Project Two:

Killeen TX

This project started out as a final project for an Art Production class when I was in college.  It was planned as an interactive multimedia gallery show.  Now I’m planning on putting together some clips from old movies, dialogue and a video.

Small wonder grown women in the 90’s found themselves pursuing a feminine uberalis ideal.  We pressed ourselves to do"it all" – mother, career woman, nurturer – and never fully accomplished "it all".

Original “press release” from class project:

Art Production 342 / Tues 6-9 P.M.
Press Release for Personal Project Spring 1992

SEE! The Dance of Ultimate Delight when Atomic Women Discover Nuclear Fission!!

SEE! Sexy girl geniuses serve coffee to moronic oafs!

MYTH AMERICA: Glamour Girls in Outer Space 1950—1959, is a retrospective collection of lobby cards and film clips from the 1950’s.

SEE! The Lost City of Love-starved Cat Women! This audio-visual extravaganza will feature lobby cards, posters, stills, press releases and selected film clips from some of the most endearing and forgettable science fiction features of the 1950’s.

During the late 40’s and most of the 50’s, the flying saucer craze was in full swing and the image of women in these films reached it’s most confused and improbable level. Many baby boomers grew up with these images of women scientists, mathematicians and doctors teetering on spiked heels and swathed in form-fitting space costumes. Women portrayed brilliant scientists who served coffee, waitress-style to male technicians. Women doctors fought off cheap invading monsters with a genteel aggression, only to collapse writhing sexily on the ground until rescued by the handsome leading man. These portrayals of women planted images of the female professional (woman as doctor/scientist/astronaut/explorer) while steadfastly maintaining the status quo of woman as nurturer/ waitress/clinging vine and sexpot.

So come to the North Gallery at CSUN in Northridge June 2nd to 22nd, 1992 and enjoy an amiable and eye-opening stroll thru MYTH AMERICA: Glamour Girls in Outer Space, and   

SEE!! Venusian Love Monsters sent to distract Atomic Women from their Scientific Experimentation!! Call (818)555-2156 for more information.

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