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May 16, 2011

Well, my contract wasn't renewed, so now I have some time available on "school nights" (Sunday thru Thursday nights), as I always called them -- the nights when I had to get up early the next day.

Monday night Ronnie & I went to see the SCBS -- Southern California Blues Society -- Monday night jam at Maui Sugar Mill Saloon in Tarzana, CA. Monday nights SCBS presents a featured artist and then other musicians and singers come up during the evening to jam with the guest.

With apologies to the awesome artists we saw last night, here's some rough clips from the great performances we witnessed -- Frank "The Tank" Graves, Solomon Burke, Jr., and of course, the unbelievably talented Kid Ramos.

Remember: #1-- I HBD [Had Been Drinking] and #2 -- I was holding the camera over my head, so the focus and framing are pretty bad.

Basically, you can just LISTEN!!

STILL -- I think you get the gist of some dynamic performances -- Roll over and click > to play:


October 9, 2010

Chico (Armento) Lavery, RIP

1990 - 10/9/10

Chico Kitty RIP

Hi, Friends:

I know I've been talking about this coming, but today (October 9, 2010) the day finally arrived when Chico could not rouse himself and we decided to let him go peacefully.
Chico or "Cheeky" as we most often called him, was a roustabout of a beast.  Born 1990 in Albuquerque New Mexico, he roamed free in the Southwest territory of Albuquerque.  He was my mom's cat until she broke her hip and moved to the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California.  In 1997 my dear friend John Acevedo and I flew to New Mexico and drove back in a rented van with mom's cats Chico and Zsa Zsa, and her German Shepard, Mikey, and some bits and pieces of furniture.
Prior to that, about 1995 or '96, I was visiting my mom there at her little ranchito in the southwest.  It's more the 'wild territory' of Albuquerque -- people let their animals roam free.  They don't need no stinking rules (or licenses) there.  I was sitting on the 'side porch' of my mom's place.  Chico was snoozing on top of the OUTDOOR REFRIGERATOR -- can you say New Mexico Hillbilly? --
Suddenly he lifted his sleepy head, gave a long stretch, and worked his way off the refrigerator, down the steps and out into the driveway.  Watching him, I wondered what caught his attention and when I looked out into the street, I saw a huge Rottweiler-mix eyeing Chico as he walked up the driveway toward the dog!
I freaked -- I thought OMG -- poor Chico's gonna be slaughtered by this beast of a dog.  I was fumbling to get up and catch Chico, but as I got to the driveway, all I saw was Chico flying through the air from about four feet away, right at the dog!  Chico never made a peep -- no warning yeowl or screechy howling -- silent but deadly.
I swear, Chico looked like fucking flying Yoda -- he was all over that poor dog -- head, back, butt -- all you could hear was the dog screaming bloody murder as he twisted and turned trying to catch this stinging bee the size of a small dog.
Finally he went running off down the street with Cheeky still on his back!!  Eventually Chico jumped off and stood in the middle of the street just huffing and puffing.  Chico turned around and walked past me, up the porch stairs and back onto the refrigerator.  Then he proceeded to clean what I can only guess was "Rottweiler stank" off of himself.  Then he went back to sleep with a satisfied sigh.
He was 15 pounds of trouble 'back in the day' -- an evil, ill-mannered beast who forced us to cordon-off half of our house for the last 13 years.  The 'cat part of the house' and the 'human part of the house'.
He was half his original weight today.  Frail and unable to lift himself or manuever his legs any longer.  Up to last week, he would still take a nasty affectionate swing at us as we walked past him.  Then he'd grab our hand with sharp claws and pull it to his head to be "bumped".
He was the very definition of a "bad cat", but he also had personality galore.  Quacked like a duck and never meowed like an ordinary cat.  We will miss him despite his ill-mannered ways.
Thank you for indulging me with this "tribute".   The picture above isn't a great picture of him, as it's from my camera phone, but I think he looks quite proud and handsome in it.
All the best,


This is a picture of our other cat, the now very sad and lonely Jonesy, hugging up on his best buddy, Chico.

Jones and Chico snuggling



July, 2010:
Created a fun retirement flyer for some old ATT friends lucky enough to retire this past week:

Newspaper Retirement Flyer



March, 2010:

I entered a contest for poster design for the Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Dance Series for 2010. These are the two I submitted:I didn't get chosen to participate, but I enjoyed the "exercise".

Santa Monica Pier     Santa Monica Pier Poster



WOW! July was the last time I did anything? Has it been that long? Well, I got distracted by my part-time job and the struggle to make ends meet. It makes one tired, all the worry, you know?

BUT maybe there are "green shoots" in the economy -- I recently got hired by an artist who wanted to promote her work and take orders! YAY !

We just finalized the site this week!:



Studio Katrys is Katerina Rysanek (Kat -- Rys!) who makes, designs, and creates to order custom lamps, lampshades, faux-painted furniture and faux wall painting. She also does some beautiful antique restorations -- so take a look and maybe order up that custom lampshade from your favorite vacation. She's awesome!

What else....got tickets for Ellen DeGeneres' show, at last -- that will be in February! Will be taking a class in how to market yourself as an artist (Feb-March). Started selling on eBay! (Boy, is THAT a load of WORK!)

And, last but not least, I've been working on sketches for my next set of paintings. Time to get to my real work.




July 2, 2009: Started a new part-time job near my home! Only two days a week but glad to have it!

Tonight we're listening to the fabulous Allen Larman on "Thee Charm School" (Thursdays, from 6-8 PM PST) on LuxuriaMusic.com. Check it out -- very fun -- great old music and old radio ads. Tonight my favorite was an old DJ pushing the "latest" horror flicks: "Teenagers from Outer Space" (my very favorite!) and "The Crawling Eye".

Thee Charm School logo

Teenagers From Outer Space Poster         The Crawling Eye poster




Friday, May 29, 2009:
We put down our oldest kitty cat, Claus.
Also known by his full name: Claus Von Mewlow.
Claus Von Mewlow

When we adopted Claus, we were told he was 8 years old. I took him to the vet to have a check up and he told me that there was no way this kitty was 8 -- he was at least 13! We thought, well, that's OK -- this poor guy has had a hard life thus far (declawing, abandonment outside, etc.), the least we can do is give him the last few years of his life in comfort.

We thought, how long can he last? Four or five years?? Well that was FIFTEEN YEARS ago! So in the end, Claus was either 23 or 28 years old!

He was a cranky old thing from the moment we got him and he was a "man's cat". He never warmed up to women, but he veritably worshipped at the feet of my husband, Ron. Claus would park himself at Ronnie's feet, and stare up at him for hours while he watched TV. He could hear Ronnie's car coming from blocks away and start a noisy, repetitive howl until Ronnie came to talk to him.

Clausy's kidneys finally failed and we decided, for his best quality of life, we had to let him go peacefully and compassionately. I hope he forgives us and I hope we see him on the other side.

Bless you, Claus. Be at peace. We love you.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009 -- at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA

We saw Steve Earle perform a free in-store concert to promote his new CD "Townes".

Check out Ronnie's site for some video I shot at the show: www.spinonthis.com/useless_spinonthis.htm#recent

Steve Earle at Amoeba in Hollywood, CA

ALSO: I've been working on Ronnie's site: added some Bizarre LP Covers. More to come! Check it out: http://www.spinonthis.com/useless_spinonthis.htm#bizarre



Saturday, April 11, 2009
-- at Largo at the Coronet Theater

We saw the wonderful Teddy Thompson and Gary Louris & Mark Olson (formerly of the legendary Jayhawks). Great show. But I needed more Teddy. Not enough Teddy Thompson!! He only performed maybe eight songs. But such a beautiful voice and such dark lyrics.

We met up with Ron's buddy from Japan, Osamu. Osamu has an extensive collection of CDs, LPs and autographs. I'll have to get his website address and link to it here.

Spotted the legendary Bill Shatner (aka: Capt. James T. Kirk)-- waiting outside the venue for the show with two lovely young ladies. I picked up on his distinctive voice and enunciation before I even spotted him!

Gary Louris & Mark Olson / Teddy Thompson at Largo

Gary Louris & Mark Olson at Largo
Gary Louris, Club Largo at Coronet Theater in Hollywood

Ron & Osamu at Club Largo

Ron & Osamu leaving Club Largo

Ron & Osamu with Gary Louris at Largo
Ron & Osamu with Gary Louris signing new CD
Gary Louris mugging with a fan at Club Largo
Gary Louris mugs with a fan. Ron & Osamu wait patiently.

Largo sign close up

Great small venue for seeing bands in LA -- Club Largo at the Coronet Theater on La Cienega, Holkywood, CA

Osamu & Gary Louris

Osamu chats with Gary Louris outside Club Largo



Saturday, April 4th -- evening visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum. Brought our own $5 Subway Tuna sandwhich, drank wine from the Getty wine bar, watched the sunset over the beautiful Pacific.

Show was one of the Getty free Saturday night/Sunday afternoon concert series -- this one was an amazing Argentinian accordion player -- Chango Spasiuk (wikipedia site). (Official site: spanish language). Wonderful evening, romantic, trance-like music. Very beautiful.


Chango with band -- Full Stage

Chango Trance     Chango_CU





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